Women Hack the Game starts!

The project Women Hack the Game starts its way seeking visibilization of women and girls in science through gamification

In spite of the important role that many women have developed throught science’s history, they have not received the same recognition as their male counterparts from a historical point of view. Many female figures have been forgotten or overshadowed by the success of the men they worked with, whose work was in many cases supported by women’s discoveries.

Women Hack the Game has as it main objective to promote social inclusion of girls and women in STEM disciplines. To do so, we seek to improve the professional development of STEM teachers, so they can in turn improve the scientific and technical education of their pupils.

Recently, various projects have tried to highlight the importance of the work of great women such as Lise Meitner, Gertrude B. Ellion or Margaret Hamilton, who revolutionized the area in which they researched. Women Hack the Game (WoGa) tries to be a way to discover these figures through games, approaching great female scientists’ careers to the classroom.

Through gamification and training teachers in this sort of activities, WoGa will help to revitalise the classrooms of all the participant teachers, so their pupils learn that science is not written solely by men and that humanity’s development depends on everyone.

Thanks to our innovative learning methodology and the use of digital tools, we will make Marie Curie no to be the only female scientist whose name is widely remembered by kids, because there were many that preceded her and many more that came after. Will you join us to achieve it?

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